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Top 5 Sales Engagement Platforms to Boost Your Sales Team’s Performance in 2024

In this blog post, we will explore the world of sales engagement platforms and highlight the top five platforms that can significantly enhance your sales team’s performance. We will discuss the key features and benefits of each platform, providing valuable insights into how they can streamline your sales processes, improve customer interactions, and ultimately drive revenue growth.   

Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, this blog post will help you make an informed decision when choosing the right sales engagement platform for your organization.  

What is a sales engagement platform?  

Sales engagement is the interaction that a seller of a product or service has with prospective customers. These interactions can be digital, on a phone call, physical, and a lot more. It is the interactivity of the seller and buyer in sales processes.   

With the shift in technology, platforms have continued to spring up to help ensure a seamless sales process.  

Sales engagement platforms, also known as sales engagement software, are tools developed to assist business owners to interface with their customers while they are in control. They come with the features of planning, execution, monitoring performance, and optimization of the sales process.  

There are several challenges facing sales team performance today, major among them being a long sales cycle, wasting time on unqualified leads, the difference between value and price of a product/service, and failure to adopt sales engagement tools.  

The above-identified challenges can be overcome by using any of the under-listed top sales engagement platforms.   

Top 5 Sales Engagement Platforms  

  1. Zendesk Sell:  

Zendesk Sell is one of the best sales engagement platforms as it was designed with customer management and an increase in sales revenue in mind. It is a user-friendly platform that enables business owners to communicate with customers promptly through their preferred channel, collate customer data, analyze it, and manage sales.   

It is a sales engagement platform that helps companies generate quality leads, qualify those who are likely to purchase, and link them to the right sales representative to close the deal without the fear of losing out to competitors. This is possible with the help of Artificial Intelligence.  

The founders of Zendesk envision business growth with a larger customer base as your business expands. Thus, they offer the capability to accommodate both small, medium, and large-scale businesses.   


  • Lead Generation  
  • Sales Engagement  
  • Prospecting Tools  
  • Workflow Automation  
  • Data Collation and Analytic

If your company is looking to increase deals, then use, the recommended sales engagement platform for your business. This it does by data collection and analysis to enable your business to focus on prospects.  

One of the benefits of using this platform is the ease it provides to integrate with LinkedIn. Whatever resulting best leads are automatically added to your CRM database.  


  • Managing Call List  
  • Prospecting Tool  
  • Lead Prioritization  
  • Collaboration   
  1. Salesforce Sales Cloud  

Salesforce sales cloud is your go-to lead nurturing platform. A component of Salesforce CRM, it was developed to source data from your current CRM and then feed it back to your sales and marketing process.  

Salesforce automation is a beneficial product for all businesses as it helps you forecast future sales and set the foundations for revenue growth. In addition, Sales Cloud Sales Team Productivity enables your team to monitor real-time deal information and focus on winning deals.  


  • Forecasting Sales  
  • Lead Nurturing  
  • Revenue Recycle Management  
  • Email Marketing  
  1. Mailshake  

Do you need a platform where leads are contacted immediately as they are discovered? An outreach sales engagement platform that integrates with most CRM databases? Mailshake is the right choice for your business. How does it work?  

When you conduct your email outreach campaigns, the platform collates customer data, showing leads that have opened your email or a link to your website. Thus, providing insights on leads to follow up on, thereby saving time and resources on leads that would not convert.  


  • Lead Management  
  • Personalization  
  • Template Management  
  • Subscriber Management  
  1. Zoho SalesIQ  

Sales engagement requires that you possess data on your leads so you know the perfect time and when It is proper for your sales team to reach out to them. Zoho SalesIQ, an offshoot of Zoho CRM offers your business the opportunity.  

There is a Live Chat feature for quick communication with your customers and personalization where you get details on the customer’s available timetable to discuss.  


  • Data Collection  
  • Report and Analysis  
  • Content creation  
  • Third-Party Integration  

Why is Engagement Important in Marketing?  

Customer engagement is important in marketing because it enables a business owner to increase customer trust in the brand, which in turn motivates customer loyalty. And a loyal customer can promote your brand, thereby getting referrals for your business.   

Additionally, engagement in marketing is necessary to decrease customer churn rates and drive revenue rates upwards.  

The effect of the above is a business that is overall successful.  

What is the Sales Engagement Platform Market Size?  

As of December 2022, the Sales engagement platform market size was pegged at US$6.89 Billion. But in July 2023, a report by GlobeNewswire stated that the sales engagement platform market size reached US$7.87 Billion. And there is a projection that it will hit a whooping US$29.62 Billion by the end of 2033.  

The difference between Sales Engagement vs CRM  

When the question comes to your mind whether you need a Sales Engagement Platform when you already use a CRM. Our opinion is that you need both. Here is the reason.  

The difference between a sales engagement platform and a CRM is that a CRM organizes your customer data whereas a Sales Engagement platform is a tool used by the sales team to increase productivity, efficiency, and sales.  

Thus, while CRM houses your customer information, the Sales engagement platform helps you interact with prospects in a personalized way on their preferred channels. Both are essential in optimizing sales processes.  


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