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Out Of Hours AI

Got leads that come in overnight, that end up freezing cold by morning?

When businesses ‘shut up shop’ for the day or wind down for the weekend, that’s when a bunch of new enquiries will flood in. Most businesses can’t believe their bad luck.

They’ve been available all day but it’s only once they switch the lights off, that everyone wants to get in touch. But, it actually makes a lot of sense. Our ideal customers are unlikely to be browsing their phones, clicking on ads or filling in web enquiry forms in the middle of their day. They are at work.

It’s only once they clock off for the day/week, that they’ll work through their personal To-Do list and have the time to reach out. The problem is, these new out-of-hours leads aren’t dialled until the next day (longer if it’s the weekend). But by then, these customers are back at work too and unable to answer. It’s a vicious cycle.

Now, with the help of an ‘Out of Hours’ AI businesses can contact every new lead that comes in, regardless of the time or day.

This android solves out-of-hours contact issues for good by having a back and forth conversation with each new lead over SMS. It warms up prospects and books qualified customers directly into the calendar as appointments, ready to be closed during normal office hours.

Android Test Drive

This demo uses only 2 input fields, while our custom versions utilise 58 for in-depth personalisation.

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