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Google Reviews AI

Business owners understand they need to get customer reviews to build trust and credibility. Yet, many don’t realise they ALSO need to respond to them to show customers their integrity as a business. First impressions count and people look at the smallest details to give them a glimpse of how they’ll be treated as a paying customer. They want to know:

Is this company attentive?
Do they value customer feedback?
How do they respond when something goes wrong?
Do they show interest in customers, even after they’ve paid?

When businesses show they are taking the time to respond to all their reviews, especially the negative ones. It answers all those questions in one fail swoop. The problem is, most businesses know this. But, they often don’t have the spare man-power to dedicate hours to this laborious task. That’s why we’ve built an AI that will do it for them.

This android does such a good job at responding to all types of reviews in a human-like manner, that when we tried to ‘beat it’ we couldn’t respond as half as well, in double the amount of time.

Android Test Drive

This demo uses only 2 input fields, while our custom versions utilise 58 for in-depth personalisation.

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