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Social Starter



What included?

Engaging visuals and captions

Two social media accounts

Optimize your reach

Optimize your reach

Industry insights and tips

Brand Boost



What included?

High-quality visuals and videos

Up to four social media accounts

Tailored for your niche

Stay ahead in your industry

Expert-led sessions on industry trends

Influencer Elite



What included?

Premium visuals, videos, and drone shots

Detailed insights and predictive analysis

Comprehensive marketing plan

Networking opportunities

Tailored sessions for elite influencers

Evolving impact

The influencity difference

Strategic influencer collaborations

Building strategic partnerships with suitable influencers, enhancing the appeal and authenticity of campaigns.

Impactful community engagement

Increasing interaction and community engagement through relevant and meaningful campaigns.

Transparency and analytics

Providing full transparency and in-depth data analytics to ensure clear measurement of campaign performance.

Customization options

Tailoring solutions to your unique needs

We understand that every client is unique, and our commitment is to provide flexibility and customization that aligns perfectly with your objectives.

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